B2B SaaS is my jam. Whether your focus is SMB or enterprise, I understand the personas of IT managers to security experts to CIOs. I’m fluent in the sales cycle and sales enablement material needed to get to a closed won.

Interface Design & Integration

Conducted interviews and investigated layers of content across Microsoft’s internal teams to convert tasks and needs to readily accessible content, templates, forms and learning material.

Immersive Storytelling

Administered the delivery of an immersive, interactive storytelling about advanced manufacturing to schoolchildren using AR, capacitive touch screens and RFID tags. Greenville Technical College’s business partners included BMW and GE.

Medical Device App

Modeled language algorithms with Medtronic’s medical data scientists to generate personalized next actions for people with type 1 diabetes within a lifestyle app, Sugar.IQ.

Design Thinking


Fortune 500 Companies Impacted


Greenfield Projects


Ad Agency Awards


Decades of Experience

Content Strategy Projects

Developed content strategy and user experience design for IBM – across a variety of business units from blade servers to cloud computing, cognitive computing to global business services.
Tasks included content audits, gap analysis, editorial calendars, competitive analysis, persona development, card sorting, stakeholder interviews, publishing models, content development, and best practices.

Developed the content and informed the interface design for TAGG, the pet tracker, for Qualcomm as well as greenfield work on a sports watch aimed at triathletes (competing with Garmin and Fitbit but ahead of Apple watch).

Designed and implemented LinkedIn’s first video-based group for Dell Small Business Services, including an editorial calendar and content guidelines beyond launch. Produced and remixed over 10 video interviews conducted in 5 languages.

Assessed the SMB market fit for SAP offerings. Developed content strategy and development of right-fit content across 3 personas.

Colleague Feedback

I’ve worked across the spectrum of the financial services industry, from personal banking to credit cards to private wealth management to institutional investing. I’m keen to do more in FinTech, InsureTech and WealthTech.

From chipsets to cloud computing and blade servers to cognitive computing, I’ve worked across a wide array of technology hardware, software and services marketing needs. And some pretty cool greenfield projects, too.

DTC, DTP. On-brand, off-brand. MOA, MOD. All varieties of pharma marketing. And some cool service design projects, too.

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