I’ve designed and developed content plans for direct-to-physician and direct-to-consumer marketing material, on-brand and off-brand pharmaceutical websites, plus mechanism-of-action and mechanism-of-disease interactive materials. I also have extensive experience in health literacy training.

Brand Strategy

Developed Abbvie‘s corporate brand marketing strategy, after interviewing 4 business unit leaders’ needs. Demonstrated the user content needs by mapping users to content types, channels, and outcomes.

Service Design

Looking across 5 unique healthcare journeys, we developed story arcs and supporting marketing for Providence Health & Services, regionally and state-by-state.

Folksonomy Development

After conducting primary research with type 2 diabetes patients, developed a taxonomy structure for Johnson & Johnson‘s content management systems that would enable users to find the medical information they were looking for using plain language (folksonomy).

Persona Development

Developed 4 personas for United Healthcare‘s portal then designed user journeys and content that would address their specific tasks and information needs.

User Experience Design


Fortune 500 Companies Impacted


Greenfield Projects


Ad Agency Awards


Decades of Experience

Content Strategy Projects

Audited the content and needs across business units to develop a content strategy for Kaiser Permanente’s Teams site.

Led the content strategy for a global rebrand of Viatris across 22 countries, developing content design standards and exceptions, getting regional by-in, rolling out a content migration plan and content management system implementation.

Content strategy delivery from website launch to email campaigns for DTC and DTP for Sanofi (Nasacort, Allegra, Xyzal, and ACT).

Colleague Feedback

I’ve worked across the spectrum of the financial services industry, from personal banking to credit cards to private wealth management to institutional investing. I’m keen to do more in FinTech, InsureTech and WealthTech.

From chipsets to cloud computing and blade servers to cognitive computing, I’ve worked across a wide array of technology hardware, software and services marketing needs. And some pretty cool greenfield projects, too.

DTC, DTP. On-brand, off-brand. MOA, MOD. All varieties of pharma marketing. And some cool service design projects, too.

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