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Some projects I've done include



saas / tech

  • Directed a creative team toward the launch of Citibank’s Apple watch app, collaborating among development teams at Citibank and IBM across the U.S., Poland and India, leveraging the SDK.
  • Built BlackRock Drive, an iPad app, leveraging volumes of financial content for internal sales teams to use with wirehouse and broker-dealer clients.
  • Collaborated with quant researchers, economists and financial psychologists to develop an app and website (link has visuals) that would enable self-directed investors to manage their money through account aggregation. The end pivot went from end clients to advisors.
  • Modeled language algorithms with Medtronic’s medical data scientists to generate personalized next actions for people with type 1 diabetes within a lifestyle app, Sugar.IQ.
  • Enabled Boehringer Ingelheim pharma reps to leave behind immersive VizAids for physcians.
  • Lead the creative team and ethnographic researchers to develop 5 different journey maps imagining the future of healthcare for Providence Health & Services.
  • Supervised research for some of Citibank’s Innovation Labs projects, including investigating the use of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality and virtual reality in personal banking.
  • Facilitated design thinking workshop and created artifacts to demonstrate how to use cognitive chat for GEICO.
  • Delivered content development and distribution plans for Westfield using IOT.