Most FinTechs struggle with

customer acquisition

But you don't have to

Hi, I’m Adrienne. I help fintech CEOs delegate marketing to a seasoned pro to increase sales and revenue (at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CMO).

For over two decades, I’ve been working with Fortune 500 finance companies. But behemoths aren't nimble. They cannot move quickly. And they're kind of lousy at innovation.

That's why I'm excited with work with mid-market fintechs -- we can go where the whitespace is. We know the Big Problems that need to be solved.

Sadly, most fintechs don’t address:

1) High CAC with low close rate

2) Jargon-y "what's in it for you"

3) Lack of emotional resonance with audience

With a Fractional CMO, those issues become opportunities. Here’s what you could accomplish instead:
1) More clients at lower cost

2) Approachable content that gets shared

3) Clients that fall in love with your mission and vision